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About Us

Duncan Elder is a former P.E. Teacher and understands the busy and hectic environment teachers work in. In his long experience of organising school trips, he has had the opportunity to see that being able to tour as part of a team creates life-long friendships and wonderful memories. Duncan has had many years playing club cricket and County over 50s, so he understands how exciting the prospect of playing cricket on international grounds can be.

Jenny Elder has also come out of teaching in order to organise sports tours. Her strengths are in the organisation and in understanding children. It is important that there is a female angle on the planning and implementation of the tours as our trips can be for both sexes.

Sri Lanka, India, South Afica, Argentina and the Caribbean are some of the best destinations to tour. They offer a great cricketing experience combined with golden beaches, wildlife, world class hotels and historical cultures for you to discover and enjoy. The people  love their cricket and will make you very welcome in their countries. 
So let us organise a once in a lifetime touring experience for your school, county or club.